Sci-Fi Month

It’s almost here! Sci-Fi Month is about to begin, so it’s high time I formally announced my various plans for it. Robots, genetically engineered soldiers and drug induced virtual reality craziness are all present and correct – read on to find out the rest!

It will come as no surprise to regular readers to learn that I have been eagerly awaiting the start of Sci-Fi Month since I found out it existed. Sci-fi Month is a celebration of all things science fiction, whether that be books, films, games, TV series, or anything in between. It’s run by Lisa (@deargeekplace) and imyril (@imyril), who are also responsible for the excellent Wyrd & Wonder.

Whilst I claim that this site covers all things speculative, it’s difficult to deny that there is definitely a clear bias towards science fiction. Well, be prepared for that bias to get a whole lot worse come November, as every single post will be tied to Sci-Fi Month! There’ll be the usual weekly reviews, all for science fiction books, as well as some other fun bits too. Check out the full schedule below:

The Infinite Speculation Sci-Fi Month Schedule

3rd November: Top Ten Tuesday: Sci-fi Goes to the Movies

5th November: Book Review: Refraction, by Christopher Hinz

9th November: Music Monday: Vurt, by Jeff Noon

12th November: Book Review: The Rush’s Edge, by Ginger Smith

19th November: Book Review: Sea of Rust, by C. Robert Cargill

23rd November: Music Monday: Girlfriend in a Coma, by Douglas Coupland

26th November: Book Review: Radicalized, by Cory Doctorow

30th November: Music Monday: The Left Hand of Darkness, by Ursula K. Le Guin

There’s even a small possibility that I might be able to fit some more posts in there, but we shall see how we go. Keep an eye on my Instagram (infinite_speculation), as there will be accompanying posts on there too, many of which will hopefully tie in with the fun daily prompts!

That’s everything that I have planned for Sci-fi Month. What about you? Are you joining in the fun with some posts of your own? Make sure you use the hashtag #SciFiMonth if you do, so everyone can find all the fantastic content that’s bound to come out of this event!

Sci-Fi Month artwork by Tithi Luadthong from


29 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Month

    1. Excellent! I’ve been really enjoying all the prep for this month, hopefully the posts themselves are as much fun for people to read as they so far have been for me to write!


  1. Oooo, you’ve got some great stuff planned! 😁
    I’m not organised enough to have a plan post out, and I’m still reading my ass off to be ready in time, but am really looking forward to this year’s SciFi Month nonetheless.

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  2. Love the artwork. To me every sci-fi artwork or book cover needs reflect what’s inside the story. If I see nothing but space ships and aliens and I open the book only to find someone driving in DENVER, It will defiantly turn me off. Hope the line up meet my expectations.

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  3. I often wonder if the writer allows the illustrator to come up with something on their own or do they give their own ideas of how the book cover should look like. For me, whenever I hire an illustrator for my work, I do my best to tell him/her draw it according to the story. Not sure other authors do it though.

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    1. It can really depend on the publisher with trade titles. I had a lecture once with a couple of authors, and they both had quite different experiences – one got loads of input into how the cover would look and was allowed to keep making tweaks, the other was basically told “This is the cover. Hope you like it!” and they basically had very little say.

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      1. Oh, absolutely. You’re paying for it yourself, you want to get something perfect, that you know says exactly what you want about your book to a potential reader. It’s like picking a first tattoo, but even more serious!

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      2. Vivid metaphor lol. I agree. For me, finding a illustrator is the hard part. I often look for an artist who’s artwork fits my characters. It takes awhile. is where I usually go.

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